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Why Trade$mart

TRADE$MART... and NEVER PAY CASH AGAIN on any transaction.

With TRADE$MART your 10% transaction fee is paid in Barter as you make each sale. The only cash involved is a low monthly accounting fee of only $19.95, payable by credit card, which will not start until you have made your first trade. 


For over a decade, TRADE$MART is the affordable, premier exchange created for traders by traders with access to all members worldwide through one office opening up resources never before available. 


Register NOW and TRADE$MARTwith the new leader in the barter industry.


Take advantage, get more from trade and TRADE$MART. TRADE$MART offers you a world-class trade exchange with an online Internet marketplace available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This online service for members will allow you to perform various functions including:

  • Ability to search for products and services by location, business/product type
  • Modifying your account information
  • Guaranteed payment - no 'risky' one-on-one barters
  • Placing your own listings/ads
  • Viewing online statements and account information
  • Subscribing to email notifications




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